1. radiomaru:

    Some more Mondo Con sketches

  2. jademere:

    Painting of Amaterasu

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  3. The Green Goblin
    The Lizard
    Doctor Octopus
    The Rhino
    Kraven the Hunter


    The Sinister Six Revamped & Redesigned 

    by Stefan Tosheff

     (artist’s blog)

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  4. allrightcallmefred:

    season 1 picard: how do we contemplate the powers of the Q being? do we dare oppose it?

    season 2-7 picard: get the fuck off my bridge or so help me

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  5. hifructosemag:

    London-based illustrator and artist Martin Tomsky turns the dancing line of the pen into dynamic sculpture with his multi-layered woodcuts. See more on Hi-Fructose.

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  6. emeraldsavage:


    Amsterdam-based artist Cedric Laquieze (previously featured here) recently completed a fascinating new series of his exquisite taxidermy Fairies. These delicate sculptures are primarily composed of parts from many different insect species, but if you look closely you’ll notice bones, seeds and even a few scorpion parts as well.

    Visit Cedric Laquieze’s blog for many additional images and to check out some of his other enchanting creations.

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    Literally crying because amaze

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  7. 88floors:

    Imaginary Islands by Pierre-Antoine Moelo

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  8. asylum-art:

    | UNMASK:

    is made up of  Liu Zhan Kuangjun and Tan Tianwei.

    They all met while students of the sculpture department at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

    Since 2001 and three artists have been working together in this collective. Popular in both the East and the West, UNMASK have strong design elements to their sculptures and installations.

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  9. rfmmsd:

    Digital Artist & Illustrator:

    Eevien Tan 




    Digital Illustration

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  10. lookatthewords:






    Because of feminism i will never find this show funny again. There goes my childhood

    Are you actually serious? Yes, Johnny’s character was a grade A douche bag, however all the women he went after were hot as fuck and yet put him in his place and beat him up for the lewd things he was saying. This show was fucking hilarious and promoted women acting out against chauvinist pigs, such as Johnny. Not once did the women ever fall for him, showcasing that women are to be strong and take NO shit from any man.

    Get your shit together, qurl.

    Not to mention his mother was cool as shit.

    what about the werewolf chick


    and the deer


    people are fucking stupid as fuck 

    The werewolf chick was so used to dudes running away she would take anything she got, same with the “deer” he met online. Both examples of women who are so desperate for companionship they would be happy with a complete and total douche like Johnny. (Even though if I remember correctly Johnny treated both of them better than anyone else ever did, because deep down Johnny Bravo was an okay dude he was acting the way society taught him to act.) 

    And wow there was a whole EPISODE where Johnny got turned into a woman and has to endure catcalls and street harassment and being belittled to just a face and a body and basically was like “is this what you girls go through?”and like lead a revolution of girl power and kickassary.

    So bye

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