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    Niki Norberg

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    Sapphire-tailed Clearwing - Loxophlebia nomia

    Loxophlebia nomia (Arctiidae - Ctenuchini) is a species of neotropical moth belonging to a group commonly referred to as tiger moths or wasp moths. 

    Members of the tribes Ctenuchini (like Loxophlebia nomia), and Euchromiini exhibit extreme morphologies including the evolution of convincing wasp mimicry. The lepidopteran abdomen is constricted to produce the visual effect of a hymenopteran petiole (petiole mimic). Many of these species also possess an abdominal “ventral valve” that has been ascribed both a defensive and a courtship function.

    Reference: [1]

    Photo credit: ©Andreas Kay | [Top: Cotacachi, Imbabura, Ecuador, 2013] - [BottomOtavalo, Imbabura, Ecuador, 2012]

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    Frank Pape

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    Lay back, lay back, go to sleep, my man

    Wipe the blood from your face and your hands

    Forgive yourself if you think you can

    Go to sleep, go to sleep, my man.

  7. Gustav Klimt, The Virgin, 1913.

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